Monday, April 1, 2013

Let the A-Z Madness Commence!

So often, people with chronic illnesses are seen as lazy or as underachievers.  The craziest part is we are actually the exact opposite.  We push ourselves to the limit and beyond on a regular basis.  Every time I overbook myself, stretch myself thin, or get myself in way over my head, I have to laugh the irony of it all.  And boy, I'm laughing away tonight!

I'm currently working on quite a few projects this month, one of which is the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  With all three of my blogs (Fibro and Fancy Free, Parenting From Aaah! to Zzz, and Amanda R. Dollak), I will be blogging my fingers off this month.  I will be writing posts for every letter of the alphabet--three times since I've entered three blogs--all within 30 days!

Will I finish in time or will I break long before the finish line?  Even I am a little nervous.  I hope you stick around this month and read some of the interesting posts I have in store for all my fibro and chronic illness warriors.  I'll finally be posting a lot of the ideas that have been brewing since before the birth of this blog.  And hopefully, after the A-Z Challenge, I will keep the helpful posts coming more on a regular basis.

I hope all my warriors are staying strong, and I wish the best of luck to my fellow A-Z bloggers. Here's to a fun, frenzied, and fulfilling April!

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