Monday, March 25, 2013

My War on Germs: Step 1

A probiotic capsule
Over the years, I have noticed that my digestive tract is one of the weakest points of my body. I have gotten food poisoning more times than I could count, and I seem to get more than my share of stomach viruses each year. Over the years, I have heard different theories from various doctors, including perhaps it is just the way I was born or it is from all the antibiotics I had to take over the years. Regardless, my doctors often recommended I eat yogurt daily or even take a probiotic supplement to try to get my digestive tract in proper balance.

I love yogurt, but it isn’t one of those things I can tolerate eating every single day. Plus, one of my doctors pointed out that realistically people may have to eat at least 3 yogurt servings a day to start seeing a noticeable difference from the live cultures. I don’t know about you, but that is far more yogurt than I am able to consume each day!

Since I am a strong believer of trying to get what our bodies need from our food first, I tried my best to eat some yogurt every day. I didn’t succeed all the time, but I was definitely eating a lot more yogurt. Still, I found myself sick far too often. If the live cultures were helping, I just wasn’t getting enough.

So here I am with my first box of Align probiotic supplements, and I’m going to give it a shot. I ordered an 8-week supply since it was cheaper per capsule than the 4-week supply. Although I’m hopeful that this product will be a baby step toward a healthier me, I know there’s a chance that it may not work out for me. But hey, I’ve wasted a lot more money on cold medicines over the last few years. And with no risk besides a little gas and disappointment, why wouldn’t I give it a try?

This is only the beginning of my war on germs, so stop by occasionally to see what else I might try to defeat these annoying little invaders. And just as a precaution, if you are taking any medications or have any health issues, please talk with your doctor or pharmacist before trying Align or any other supplement.


  1. I love greek yogurt and have it almost everyday as a protein source. The no fat tastes like full fat. It's magic!

  2. Amanda, have you ever done a parasite cleanse? I had IBS for YEARS. It got so bad that I was seriously screaming in pain when I used the bathroom. I took a 30-day parasite cleanse, and no more IBS! I must have had some monsters in there. I discovered a lot of candida in what came out of me during the cleanse, which I would never have guessed. Probiotics alone can't cure a bad candida infection, and they have found that candida that has gone out of control and gone systemic can cause fibro all by itself. Hey, you've tried everything else. A parasite cleanse isn't gonna hurt ya, right? has a good one, and a bunch of other good cleanses.

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