Fibro Survival Tips & Products

Throughout our journey together I hope to create an environment of sharing and support.  A vital part of this environment will include fibro survival tips and products that have helped me personally over the years.  We are all different individuals with unique bodies, so all of these suggestions may not be right for you.  However, since fibromyalgia is such a mysterious and mystifying condition,  we never know what may or may not help us.  Most importantly, though, if you have something that works great for you, please share.  You may make a big difference in someone else's life!  The more survival tips we can share with each other, the more likely we all will reach the quality of life we yearn for.

Battle of the Bloat: Margarine

Fibromyalgia Survival Tools: Slow Cookers

The Soothing Power of the Shower

Top 3 Fibromyalgia Essentials

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