Friday, April 12, 2013

K...Kind Words and Compliments Will Get You Everywhere

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of having a chronic illness is being surrounded by all the negativity, skepticism, and self-doubt.  Inside and out, we are bombarded by critics telling us that we aren’t really sick or aren’t trying hard enough or not living our lives correctly.  As a result, it is so easy to feel sad, depressed, and useless.

To all of you out there with friends and family members suffering from a chronic illness, this post is for you.  You have the power to build up or tear down your loved ones.  In the dark world of chronic illness, you would be amazed at the effect of a single kind word or compliment.  We have grown so pessimistic and disheartened with life and the reactions of others that sincere positive words would be a glorious and welcomed respite.

Of course, we try our hardest to stay focused on the positive as much as possible.  Still, those negative words and thoughts haunt us day and night.  And our medical conditions seem to always take the forefront of our lives.  You, though, have the power to remind us of the brighter side of life again--merely by taking a moment to share with us things that you appreciate or love about us every now and then.

My late father loved to tease me that flattery would get me nowhere when I was trying to butter him up to get my way.  Of course, in that context, I hated that saying.  With my fibromyalgia, on the other hand, I couldn’t help but turn around this phrase.  Ultimately, sincere flattery really can get you everywhere with your loved ones.  Keep pouring on the compliments, kind words, and encouragement.  You never know how far you can pull your loved ones from the depressing pit of their chronic illness.

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  1. I love being positive, and getting a positive reaction in return. It's a win-win! :)

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