Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A is for Air Conditioning

For the A to Z Challenge, we will be discussing some fibromyalgia must-haves--things that often help us fibro warriors to deal with or decrease our symptoms or to make our lives a little better or easier.  Fibromyalgia is a complicated condition, which manifests itself in vastly different ways.  Some of these in my list may not work as well (or even at all) for some of you.  However, I tried to stick with the bare essentials, so you will find many helpful tips over the next month.

So, without further ado...A is for air conditioning.  I know many people in the U.S. are just recovering from a frigid winter, but summer will come and with it, hot, humid days.  I have heard that they are predicting an extra hot and humid summer this year in many parts of the U.S.  Consequently, I’m working away at creating my summer oasis--somewhere I can hide when the temps get too high and too unbearable.

I’ve noticed that I can’t handle extreme weather (cold or hot), and many of my fibro friends are the exact same way.  For many of us, hot and humid weather saps our energy, increases our headaches, gives us intestinal issues, and even may give us rashes.  So, it is imperative to have a plan to combat the summer heat and humidity.

Having air conditioning in your home can be perfect, too, if summer heat causes you grief.  However, it isn’t always possible to have air conditioning or the power may go out, so create alternative plans. There are many ways to help you stay cool: (1) set up a comfortable spot to relax in the basement. (2) Stock up on fans (or even misting fans).  (3) Keep your fridge and freezer full of cooling drinks and treats.  (4)  Jump into the pool, shower, or bathtub.  (5) Limit time outside during peak sun times and while excessive hot and/or humid.  Or (6) if the summer weather gets too unbearable, find a public air-conditioned spot (mall, restaurant, grocery store, loved one’s home, etc.) as your fall back spot to take a break.  With a little planning, we can all get the most fun and enjoyment out of summer despite the sticky weather.


  1. Living in Florida we practically have our air conditioning on all year (except during a few cold fronts). It's hard to live without it, although I love the fresh air streaming inside the house when we have a cooler day. Love your thoughts and ideas about Fibro -- makes me not feel alone.

  2. Already left a comment at the parenting blog. Just need to know what's happening with A to Z

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    1. I replied to your other comment. Sorry I'm behind, but I haven't given up yet! :)