Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poetry: And Yet Fibro Remains!

This shell of a body,
Which once was fit and strong
And let me soar, oddly
Keeps me trapped all day long:

Limbs are heavy and weak;
Bones cry out from the cold;
Joints and muscles e’er creak...
Making me feel so old!

Skin breaks out in rashes,
And it almost always hurts.
Energy e’er crashes
And returns in small spurts.

Memory is broken,
Many thoughts get mixed up.
Many fears unspoken
In a nightmare closeup.

Anxieties abound;
Doubts have dampened my soul;
Manic anger resounds
As I fight for control!

Head is stuck in a vise
And struggles with migraines.
Mind is filled with ‘advice’,
And yet fibro remains!

© 2013 Amanda R. Dollak

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