Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best of Intentions

Growing up, my father always lectured me on finishing what I start.  He drilled it into my head over and over again that if you begin a project, you must not leave it incomplete.  I love my dad dearly, but he was a horrible perfectionist who believed that it was better to never start something in the first place than to leave it forever unfinished.

Although I do agree with my father's philosophy to some degree, I have to say that sometimes it isn't about the final destination but the journey itself. Sometimes, it is more important to start the journey and to see the different places the road might take you than to constantly worry about where it all might actually end.

A few months ago, I began this blog with a very specific destination in mind.  I hoped to use this blog to share, explore, and find a new and better that is happier and healthier, whether or not my fibromyalgia ever decides to go away.  In the beginning, I was extremely inspired and had great ideas in mind for this blog.  Honestly, I had high hopes and the best of intentions to see this journey to an end.

However, life soon got in the way and distracted me from my original intentions.  The late summer heat sapped my energy and left me with uncomfortable migraines.  Then fall came upon us, bringing a new year of cyber schooling my 2 young children and my yearly autumn flare.  And now I am in the middle of vast changes in my life with the purchase of my family's first home.

To be completely honest, I'm super exhausted and overwhelmed by the magnitude of life changes I have endured the last three months with conquering clutter, packing up an entire household, moving it all to our new house, and now unpacking to make this new house a home. Yet, all these changes have reminded me again of how important this journey of self discovery and self improvement really is to me and why I wanted to share it with you all in the first place!

After I first was hit by this fibro storm about 3 1/2 years ago, I felt totally alone and helpless.  I seriously felt my life had ended and no one cared.  I didn't know what was wrong.  My doctor was as clueless as I was.  And my family and friends seemed to look at me like I had lost my mind.  I have come a long way since that awful, lonely time, but I still have far to go.  And if this blog helps even a single person to avoid the dark, desolate hell that I endured because no one understood or believed me, then every single second and iota of energy that I put into this will be worth it!

No, this blog probably will not be the spectacular, clear-cut journey I had envisioned at the beginning, but it's still a worthy journey that I must take.  Please bear with me as I fight my fatigue, migraines, pain, and brain fog to bring you my thoughts, experiences, and helpful fibro tips.  I can't promise you daily blog posts or amazing insights, but we are in this journey together...through thick and thin.  If and when my best of intentions fail again, I promise to come back fighting as strong as ever.  We can do this together and we shall prevail; here's to a fantastic, fancy-free future for us all!

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